Advisory Services

Advisory Services

When your books and records are current, unless you have someone on your side assisting you with interpreting your financial condition and position, you may not be getting or utilizing the best management information available. With the right systems and setup in place, the information you need may be available, but you don't know how to use it. Your banker may give expert advice, but lenders have a vested interest to protect, your tax advisor may give expert advice, but may have a pointed interest in tax consequences alone. In essence, they will not necessarily give you the information you need to make the best, timely business decisions about your bottom line.

Such matters as, "How do I become more profitable", "How do I reduce my operational risk", "Where should I or where can I reduce my costs", "How do I price my product(s)", "How can I position myself within my market or is the market I have chosen the market I need to be in" – these issues quite often are not addressed. On the other hand, we will use your books and records to give you increased insight into your operations – its strengths and weaknesses.  You can engage The Capital Decision as a trusted expert member of "your" team who will give you crucial accounting and analytical advice helping you make the best decisions for "your" business.

    • Create or develop a cost acco0unting system (i.e. to gather internal detail to track product or project costs and cost flows more precisely).
    • Maintain or improve the business capital structure (i.e. how the business funds its cash flow needs. For instance, we can be a sounding board or provide advice before you structure or seek a loan from a lender.)
    • Analyze cash flow, profitability, key financial ratios and indicators.
    • Create or develop key performance indicators, benchmarks and areas of operational risk (in order to monitor trends, receive "early warning" of potential problems as well as progress toward achieving an objective or goal)
    • Budget or Forecast future cash flows, profitability and/or operational risk.
    • Consult and Advise businesses seeking to grow in size and/or profitability (i.e. help to develop answers to such questions as "What does my sales volume have to be to reach a particular profit or cash flow objective?").
    • Other guidance, consultation and advisory services

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