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We have created many accounting systems from the ground up. We have cleaned up, adjusted and/or "evolved" many accounting and bookkeeping systems as well. We will tailor an accounting/bookkeeping system to meet your specific needs. While many of the basic functions are common, we take the time to consult with our clients in order to understand each client's specific needs, then select the most appropriate product(s), configure it to accomplish "your" objectives and goals

The typical client is advised to move to the Cloud as the best and most cost effective solution overall. First the accounting file is created, expanded, adjusted and/or cleaned up locally on our computers. Then it is pushed into the cloud where it resides from that point forward.

What is the Cloud?

In cloud based computing the accounting software is hosted on remote servers in "the cloud". Data is input and accessed in the cloud via a browser by authorized user(s). The remote servers perform all the processing and maintain all the files including the accounting application software. The advantage of cloud computing is that the software is always maintained up-to-date with the latest version, the data is securely maintained and backed up routinely, access to the software and data is available anywhere in the world via an internet connection and users are freed from all the normal installation, updating, maintenance and security issues such as backup and recovery planning and activities.

The cost benefits primarily come from having greatly reduced IT costs. Once service is established, a simple connection to the internet is all that is needed to maintain and access your accounting data and financials.

Another advantage of the cloud is that communication of accounting data is built in. Multiple users located in multiple locations having multiple needs can simultaneously access the accounting data they need without having to wait for periodic reports or the latest file transfer.

Cloud and non-cloud based options include:

  1. For those who simply need to organize and maintain their books so that their tax accountant can prepare their taxes at the end of the year, you can simply send us your monthly information. We will update your file monthly, reconcile your accounts and at year end you can review your data and be prepared for your tax accountant.

  2. For those who need current information but do not need access to their accounting data file, we can either utilize the cloud to perform the processing or process the data locally on our computers. In either case we would periodically report on an agreed upon schedule or upon special request.

  3. For those who need current information and access to their accounting data file, we recommend utilizing the cloud for its built in communication benefits. We can process the accounting data on our computers locally and periodically transfer the data file if a client prefers. But it must be noted that there is a built in timing delay if this solution is chosen.

  4. For those who want to perform the day-to-day bookkeeping themselves, we will train the accounting staff in the proper procedures and methods. We will set up dual access to the cloud data file so that we both can access the data to perform our work. For those who chose to locally process the accounting data, we will set up a schedule to transfer the data file back and forth so that each can perform their work. Alternatively, to avoid file transfers, we can help set up remote access, which would allow the data to permanently reside on the client computers and give The Capital Decision access to perform its services via the remote connection.

No matter which option is chosen, The Capital Decision is committed to making your business or the business portion of your personal life a success. By removing as much of the accounting and bookkeeping weight as you desire we will free up your time. By providing expert setup and configuration of your accounting data we will turn it into a source of useful information. And by providing expert accounting advice we will help you utilize your accounting information fully so that you can make the best and most timely management and operational decisions based on your own data. The Capital Decision is ready to help you solve your problems and meet your objectives and goals personally and in your business.

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