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Tim Davison CMA (Certified Management Accountant)

Tim Davison, CMA is a management accountant accredited with the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), an international accounting organization promoting and developing management accounting methods, standards and ethics.

Tim has over twenty years of experience in corporate and small business environments. In the not-for-profit sector he has over five years not-for-profit experience with religious organizations. This experience includes creating, developing and adjusting accounting systems as well as hiring, training and developing accounting staff in a variety of circumstances, environments and industries.

Tim is CMA (Certified Management Accountant) with the IMA. He is also an Intuit Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor. In addition, he is familiar with many accounting/bookkeeping software packages both "in the cloud" as well as stand-alone or network systems. He has had many opportunities to migrate accounting software from one system to another, create and install whole systems as well as recreate, "evolve" and/or maintain existing systems.

This experience has taught the valuable lesson that businesses do not need software to solve their problems or meet their objectives but rather need accounting information from software to give insight into their problems or to meet their objectives. This is where training and experience can be invaluable, because this is the difference between having financial statements and knowing fully what they mean (i.e. whether they are beneficial to obtaining a loan or detrimental, whether they truly show a pattern of growth or whether they are indicating a potential problem sustaining the status quo, etc.)

Tim's experience as a chief accountant, analyst and controller for many years has given him a wealth of experience and enables him to help his clients glean the most relevant and useful information from any accounting system. He can come along side to give basic business advice as a trusted CFO – someone who is on your side – working with you to develop "your" business analytics, benchmarks, objectives and goals

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We are located in the Washington Heights area of New York City but using the Cloud we can provide our accounting and advisory services at any location via the internet.

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